Schleifmuehlklamm Waterfall

by Chris Renk June. 25, 2020 336 views
Waterfall in the Schleimühlklamm, Unterammergau

Waterfall in the Schleimühlklamm, Unterammergau


Day 81 of my 365 Photo Challenge.

Today's picture portrays a waterfall, which is located in the Schleifmuehlklamm near Unterammergau.

The access to the waterfall was challenging because it was located at a very inaccessible place in the gorge. So I had to climb several hundred meters through the riverbed to reach the waterfall.

Fortunately, the water level in the gorge was not too high, and so I could reach the waterfall with partly dry feet.

First I tried to photograph the waterfall with a 14-24mm lens, but due to the light conditions inside the gorge and the trees above, I decided to use my 24-70mm Nikon lens.

For this waterfall, I also refrained from using filters, as the current exposure time was long enough anyway.

Have fun watching!

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Colin Massey 1 month ago

A lovely capture and exposure

1 month ago Edited