St. Margareth at Lake Walchen

by Chris Renk March. 27, 2021 297 views
St. Margareth at Lake Welchen during spring.

St. Margareth at Lake Welchen during spring.

Although spring is arriving with fast steps, there is still snow in the Alp region, providing a great background for Landscape photography.

I took this image during a short trip to Lake Walchen, which is located close to the border between Germany and Austria. Usually the lake is crowed by tourists, but due to the pandemic, only a view people were out and around the lake.

The image was taken without a tripod and with no filter!

I liked the way the remaining grass was adding the brownish color to the overall impression with in the composition.

Luckily, the few clouds spread throughout the image, adding an interesting component to the image!

Let me know, what you like about the image!

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