Idea for story world based on the haunted forest scene from "The Wizard of Oz"

by Christina Borch Jessen March. 14, 2017 195 views

I have an assignment where I have to re-imagine the haunted forest scene from "The Wizard of Oz" to a new setting and creating my own characters based on the original ones. My interpretation of the story world is this:

The cowardly lion falls over a sign, pointing towards the witch’s castle (arrow pointing towards the sky), and lands in a lake. Dorothy and the rest of the gang run into the water to help the lion up. They are standing in the middle of a reflection of the northern lights reflected in the lake. All of a sudden, the reflection detaches itself from the lake at flies up towards the sky with Dorothy and the rest still standing on it, while water is dripping off of it.

They end up standing on the northern light soaring in the sky, where cloud begins to form around them. Quickly the clouds form an entire forest of clouds, and the clouds become darker and darker, with thunder and lightning starting to appear.

Clouds start to take forms as scary creatures, and the gang gets scared – but not Dorothy. She takes her dagger and start to cut down the scary beings, but there’s too many. Then suddenly the dagger starts to glow. And from the handle (or another prop) stars are shooting out and begins to fight off the clouds. The clouds brighten and slowly the scary formations start to disappear.

One of the stars then land in Dorothy’s hand – a sign of friendship – and now the sky is clear of clouds.

     -  The End

This is what I have for now, but I will keep on developing it - 'cause in the end, this scene is suppose to be only 30 seconds. I not sure if I have thought the scene too far - and just got caught up in my imagination - but hey, imagine and creating don't always like boundaries ;)

Prop and setting

Description, see drawing and text

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