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Finally got out for a little landscape photography! I wasn't very inspired by the setting, but I think this one works.

I escaped from work at lunch to photograph a rally that was going on down the street. This post is not about politics, just a little attempt at photojournalism…

This is from Vulture Mine in Arizona. It is an old gold mine. There's plenty of gold in there, but it is too dangerous to mine.

This is a broken windshield. I love how it looks like a jeweled spiderweb. I used natural light and did very little processing on it.

This is from one of my favorite places to photograph. It is a motorcycle junkyard and has endless possibilities for photographers.

After years of having a camera, I decided to give in and try to photograph water droplets. I still have much to learn about capturing these, but it was really…

I've been away from PB for a while, but I have lots of photographs to share! Here are a few from my latest round of Oil & Water shots. Thank you for looking!