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by Christine Lai August. 12, 2016 1245 views

Warning: This post will be a little longer than what I plan for future posts because I decided to blog four weeks after starting my new life in SF.

I moved about one month ago to SF, and wow, it sure is different from my med school home in New York City. Visually, the city just seemed so short. I was used to the shadows cast by high-rises in Manhattan, and now I have so much sunlight (or fog) to work with!

Day 1: Dinner is expensive here

My first night in SF, my roommate and I went to an Italian restaurant in a trendy alley in the Financial District. I learned an average dinner in SF easily costs $30-something. Now on a mission to find cheap food.

Day 3: Hiking

A gorgeous afternoon at Lands End

My long plane ride to California felt worthwhile after I saw this view. Definitely going back!

Week 2: More touring

I visited the Painted Ladies, saw the Palace of the Fine Arts, and made an obligatory trip to Sushirrito! I feel like Sushirrito is such a popular place you can Google a photo of the food there. So I will show you this:

Just as touristy, but look a bird!

Week 3: Make new friends

When my schedule cleared, I realized I had a lot of free time to hang out with friends! Except I didn't have as many friends in SF proper as I thought I would know. Many live in Redwood City, San Jose, Palo Alto, etc. AKA places I need a car to get to. As a public transportation dependent semi-New Yorker, I realized I should make some friends in SF proper.

Luckily, I have an old high school buddy Taotao I reconnected with!

Beignets at Brenda's Soul Food. I am no longer afraid of the Tenderloin district because the food is too yummy to avoid.

Taotao (my friend who is so warm and generous!) introduced me to this amazing and budget friendly Southern place called Brenda's Soul Food. Entrees are typically under $20! Here shown are crawfish, apple pie, and two other beignets I can't remember. Take home message: they are good.

End of week 3: Smackdown

To the left, Drugs Bunny, a Hoodslam fighter, is posing fiercely. He also inhaled a lot of something white and powdery. Let's call it magic powder.

My friend Steve and his buddies introduced me to a WWE-style smackdown event called Hoodslam in Oakland, CA. Someone has yet to articulate to me what a smackdown is.

Nihonmachi Street Fair in Japantown. Hai Pikachu.

Week 4: Guess where

Brenda's Soul Food: dinner edition

Those beignets from above were on the brunch menu. These are the dinner options, including cheddar grits and chicken curry. Nom. My friend Jet and I ended up here because his favorite pho place Pho 2000 was closed for one week. Will have to make a trip back for pho.

Perseid meteor shower:

This was one time when I really appreciated SF's proximity to low light pollution outdoorsy areas. I don't have photos because I don't have a good enough camera or lens to capture the stars. All I can say is the lights flashing in the sky were beautiful. Thanks Jet!


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Ram Ya 4 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to Photoblog, what an eventful week you had.
Thank you for sharing with us.

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