Sungei Buloh

by Chweeleng December. 20, 2010 1735 views

Sungei Buloh is one of the few remaining nature reserves that is preserved for future generations of city-bred Singaporeans. Such natural areas are abundant in neighbouring countries but a rarity in our congested city. It makes a good breath of fresh air and a get-away to get back to nature and recharge.

To see these pictures in high resolution, click on them to enlarge.

#1 The root of the mangrove makes a mysterious pattern especially with sunlight bringing out the highlights and deep shadows between the roots.

#2 The object in the foreground is a crocodile. Click to enlarge and hopefully, you get to see something :p

#3 There are plenty of fishes under the bridge, you just need to stop and look.

#4 Yawning lizard. I must be pretty boring :(

#5 This is our nature guide. Without his guidance and wealth of information, we would have been totally “lost”.

#6 This squirrel seems to enjoy the spotlight.

#7 Mr.Hornbill is a rare sight and we are very lucky to have sighted him.

#8 Here's another shot for good measure. Of course, I could be wrong - it could be a Ms Hornbill. Any bird expert out there?

#9 A snake in the grass.

#10 Flower of the nipah palm. In the local dessert “ice kachang”, the seed of the plant or “attap” seed, is a favourite ingredient.

#11 Boardwalk with shelters at strategic location makes walking in the swamp like a walk in the park.

#12 Mangrove aerial roots make a nice pattern.

#13 The bright yellow leaves is a nice contrast to the dark ground.

#14 Here's another picture with a similar approach.

#15 Strong color contrast and water reflection is what prompted me to take this shot.

#16 Here's a shot of the same leaf from a different angle.

#17 The swampy ground and aerial roots of the mangrove makes an interesting picture.

#18 The sinewy and tough-looking roots contrast with the fragile colorful leaves of the seedling.

#19 What's a tropical swamp without giant monitor lizards?

#20 Here's the same fellow in full color and forked tongue.

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Mikkal Noptek 9 years, 11 months ago

Wonderful pictures

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Aaron 9 years, 11 months ago

Nice! The photographer makes all the difference!

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Luucha 9 years, 11 months ago


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Piotrek 9 years, 11 months ago

amazing set :)

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