A Short Holiday...and a chance to test my new camera

by Chweeleng June. 19, 2011 7993 views

I have always been looking for a small camera that gives good quality images, good performance and good handling as a second camera to my DSLR. This small camera will serve as a good carry-around camera at those times when it's inconvenient to lug around a DSLR. For months, I've debated between Fuji X100 and Samsung NX11. Finally I've decided on the NX11 mostly because of the flexibility of interchangeable lens it offers and the SLR-like handling. I bought it second hand with a kit 18-55mm lens on the morning before I set out for my short holiday. So is the NX11 any good compared to a DSLR? Look at the following images and you decide :)

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#1 This is a shot against the sun. Flare is minimal and the sensor was able to hold its own against the wide dynamic range. In fact, I'm quite surprised and pleased with the dynamic range of this camera. Look at the details of the bright sky and the wooden floor details in the shadows.

#2 The camera is easy to handle and focus is short and snappy to allow almost instantaneous reaction to capture fleeting shots like this. Again note the details on the bright wood and the floor tiles on the left side of the picture.

#3 It was a morning with good light for photography and I made full use of the opportunity. Design that allows intuitive handling and quick focus enabled me to snap this passing mother and pram.

#4 I'm not much into landscape photography so I can't say for sure if this makes a good picture. But I'm quite satisfied with the outcome from a technical perspective.

#5 In the evening, the changing light makes this almost into a different scene altogether. Again I would say the camera handled the changing light quite well.

#6 I am quite happy with the color handling. I used the vivid mode of the camera to bring out the brilliance of colors. Here, a floating leaf in a jacuzzi is captured nicely with the bright yellow of the leaf standing out against the black of the tiles.

#7 The advantage of a small camera is that practically everybody ignores you even if you point the camera at them. While waiting for my turn at the hotel reception, I was able to capture this scene without drawing attention to myself. The wall of the reception area was painted with bright rainbow colors and it was just my luck this fellow in front of me was all dressed up like a bee conference.

#8 Outside the hotel, I spied this carpet of pink flower petals fallen around a tree trunk surrounded by a chain of green baby shrubs. The color contrast coupled with rich detail of the tree trunk proved too irresistable for me. I had to push to ISO800 in order to get sufficient depth of field. The camera did not disappoint even at this ISO as the noise level that will typically slay a point-and-shoot stayed under control. The APS-C CMOS sensor really makes a difference.

#9 Some will say I put this flower on the floor and took a shot. I tell you now with scout's honour that this is a natural phenomenon and I had no part in directing this dead flower to pose itself. I was struck by the color contrast of bright flower against dark floor as well as the textural contrast of smooth petal against rough floor. The fact that this was taken after a rain that gives the flower the wet look and the floor the, well wet look makes it more interesting. Check out the water droplets on the petal, which I again stressed was an act of God.

#10 This totally innocent shot was made possible by the small form factor of the camera and the speed of the photographer to spot such opportunities. But seriously, holding a ginormous DSLR with a super duper long lens will not only invite undue attention but lose
you the opportunity for taking such shots.

#11 So I'm finally caught by my own lens. I did not realise I was in the shot until I started processing the images. I was more intent on focusing on the silhouette on the left frame. I like this shot because I find it unusual - like a frame within a frame. I normally don't post pictures of myself but I made a special exception this once because the reflection makes me look good, if I may say so myself.

#12 When I took this picture, I was attracted by the pattern on the ceiling curving down to a bright opening like an alien ship from Mars. But somebody told me it looked like a giant condom. Whatever it looked like, I think the camera captured it quite well, again handling the dynamic range superbly.

#13 I passed by this scene many times (for those Singaporeans, it's at the connecting bridge between Harbour Front and Vivocity) and was always attracted by the gentle gradation of the light as well as the vivid color of the egg-shaped pattern. With the Samsung NX11 handily available, I was finally able to relieve this itch satisfactorily.

#14 This camera is also good for street photography especially if you're shy to be seen with a big DSLR. The NX11 handling is very similar to a DSLR minus the weight and size. Visualise your scene, position the focus pt on your camera, ready..turn, aim and shoot. Easy peasy.

#15 I mostly shoot at ISO400 as it offers the most flexible aperture and shutter speed yet minimal noise. As I have mentioned earlier, an APSC CMOS is important if you're looking for image quality. Smaller than that and you will need to make big compromises.

#16 I was at the hotel balcony studying the pool (I have always wanted to be a pool designer) when the chop-chop-chop of this whirlybird drew my attention. Thanks to the fast responses of the camera (as well as the reflexes of the photographer) I was able to capture this shot. It would be nice if there's somebody at the balcony in the picture. Of course, I could always photoshop one in but being an honest guy, it just ain't my style.

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Chweeleng 9 years, 11 months ago

Thks Jan, I shoot in jpeg...haven't tested raw for this cam yet

9 years, 11 months ago Edited
Aneta 9 years, 11 months ago

I love these plays with the lights and shadows, amazing composition and very interesting angle!

9 years, 11 months ago Edited
Aaron 9 years, 11 months ago

Wow! #1 is amazing! Like #9 and #15 as well. Great series!

One don't need a D700 and a 70-200 to get great pics. Rare to see u shooting in wide angle. :-)

9 years, 11 months ago Edited
Grapefruit 9 years, 11 months ago

Wow what great compositions, you've got a great style!

9 years, 11 months ago Edited
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