A short walk to the MRT

by Chweeleng September. 23, 2011 2418 views

A few photo captures as I walked from the office to the MRT on the way home.
*Click on picture for bigger image*

#1 The Urban Tree - This is called an urban tree and it is found all over Singapore. Urban trees thrive on blank walls and need lots of sunshine. They provide shade for themselves only and can hardly be found at night. You can say it's quite a shadowy thing.

#2 The Make-up Room - I'm afraid of what's behind the door and even more afraid of what's going to come out of it.

#3 The Centred Cat - This cat is trying to tell me to get out of her face. I know it's a ‘she’ because it is slightly pregnant.

#4 I've always wondered what's it like behind those windows. After taking this shot, I walked away still wondering.

#5 At the Kreta Ayer Theater, it's a losing battle in trying to win back customers for traditional shows. Even the ticket seller showed signs of boredom and defeat….*yawn*

#6 Dead Meat - These meat were hung in a kitchen in Chinatown. They can also serve as Halloween mascots.

#7 Happy - She's happy with her shot and so was I.

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Aaron 9 years, 5 months ago

Like #1, can that be considered for the NPark competition? :-)

#7 is a creative way to use those lanterns for a pic! Well done!

9 years, 5 months ago Edited
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