Photography as visual art (Part 1)

by Chweeleng July. 07, 2012 1836 views

After a hiatus of more than 6 months, I have decided to post again. This time round, I'm going to look for images as works of visual art. So they could be of any subject matter and of course, whether they are “art” is indeed debatable.

#1 These butterfly shadows on the wall were what attracted me before I noticed the leaves. The challenge was to compose the overall picture before the light fades away.

#2 Color contrast and contrast of textures are the elements that attracted me to take this picture. It was just after the rain so the colors are more saturated adding to the effect.

#3 It started to rain and we took shelter in a nearby coffee-shop. Sitting there nursing my drink, I glanced up and saw these windows through the blinds.

#4 Somebody washed the windows and the water always collect here. It was a sunny day and looking down, I saw this pretty reflection in the water.

#5 Same story as #4 but different place and different time.

#6 The man on the right was standing just behind the pillar and the merged shadows give it a kind of “Hitchcockian” look. The slight lean of the boy and the cockatoo-like hairstyle of the guy on the left completes the picture.

#7 “A listening ear” was what comes to mind when I saw these shadows.

#8 I waited for the shadow to be in line with the falling figure's foot before I snap the shot. A slide down the slippery slope to a dark place.

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Becky Brannon 8 years, 8 months ago

Great set! Love the shadows

8 years, 8 months ago Edited