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Carlos Zorrilla has been living in the Intag area since 1979, not only documenting the stunning beauty and diversity of the forest and its wildlife, but also taking an active part in the resistance to large-scale mining projects since 1995. You can find out more about this aspect of Intag at decoin.org, or codelcoecuador.com.

Born in Cuba, I left the island when I was 11 and emigrated with my family to the United States. But the promised land did not live up to my expectations. Like many of my peers I found it hard to accept the war in Vietnam, not to mention the politics of then President Richard Nixon. So I left, looking for somewhere to live in peace. In 1978 I found himself in the Intag valley in Northern Ecuador where, I found bio-diverse cloudforests, an attractive agricultural area populated by solid and supportive communities.

My work portrays intimate photographs of Ecuador's Cloud Forests. Most of the plant and animal photographs were taken within a 15 minute walk of my home, giving us a rare glimpse of one of the world's most biodiverse, beautiful- and threatened- ecosystems. Including, striking images of cloud forests, plants, moths, mantids, lizards, frogs, beetles, and spiders. I also use photography to highlights some of the threats these biological jewels are facing.


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