Malaysia Tours – something you should know(5)

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There are too many tourist attractions in Malaysia. Each scenic spot has its characteristics. Today, I'll continue to introduce the scenic spots that I think must be visited ,when you tour Malaysia.

No.4 Dive into the world's most beautiful seabed in Sipadan

Sipadan is located in the east of Southwest Malaysia. Sipadan Island is reputed as “The Top Dive Destination in the World”. It's a good place to dive all year round. With its unique diving conditions, the 5-metre shoal is followed by a deep blue ocean that falls 600 to 700 metres in depth. The government of Malaysia is also trying to promote the diving shrine. Here you can feel the magnificent and mysterious undersea world, to experience the shock of Jack fish storm. Sipadan is only 120 places every day. Furthermore, the tourists from all over the world are attracted, Tourist usually need to be booked in advance.

No.5 Flickering fireflies in the Kawa Mangrove

Kawa mangrove forest is one of the three major mangrove forests in Kota Kinabalu. It is famous for its beaches and sunsets. Visiting Kawa mangrove, you can not only see the beautiful sunset beach, can also see the proboscis monkey and firefly. The original ecosystem of Kawa mangrove remained relatively well, so there are a lot of fireflies.

No.6 Challenge Skybridge in Langkawi

Accessible from the Top Station, the bridge is suspended from a 82m high single pylon, hangs at about 100m above ground and it can accommodate up to 250 people at the same time. It swings out over the landscape to give visitors a unique spatial experience, and to bring them into otherwise unattainable locations, above virgin jungle with spectacular views. If you have the courage, go ahead and challenge it.

No.7 loiter in the glass-like sea in Kapalai Island

The most famous tourist attractions is Kapalai water house. You can check in which the reservations should be made at least 3 months in advance. The water is so blue and clear. Kapalai water house is a paradise floating on the water. Even if you don't have to do anything, facing the blue sea and blue sky, or count the stars at night, it is a great enjoyment!

If you want travel to Malaysia , you might as well try to go these places.

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