My coffee story

by Göran Ehn December. 06, 2020 140 views

Making my own coffee from scratch (well almost) and mastering the latte art in order to make the perfect cappuccino...

...what can possibly go wrong 😱

Having upgraded the gear and failed numerous times, the result is indeed coming. It looks so darn easy when watching those videos on youtube, pinterest etc when a skilled barista is pulling the shot, stretching the milk and pours it into the most intriguing pattern in the cup.

Getting the same result on your own does indeed take a bit of practice with lots of trial and error. When succeeding it is however quite rewarding. Being able to enjoy a really good tasting cup of cappuccino and impress my friends definitely makes up the effort in the strive for perfection.

While I am never going to compete with the pro's in this business I am however pleased to see that I am able to create and to be creative, that on its own is good enough for me.

As I cannot grow the beens myself (the climate aint the best were I live), I can certainly buy the raw beens needed online and rost them myself. Some understanding on the difference of robusta and arabica and the different ways of rosting and blending is required of course. So yes, there is a bit of challenge to this part of the process also. 🤪

The Chinese roaster I've got aint working as expected. Next project will be to rebuild/convert it from being an electrical roaster (not producing the desired outcome), into a gas fired roaster.

I think I will use gas in order to gain some more flavour from the roasting process compared to have an electrical heated device and also because it is a bit easier to control in terms of turning on and off and getting the right temperature.

Charcoal would be the ultimate thing but having control over the roasting process is important. So yet again I am thinking - gas, fire, electricity. What can possibly go wrong? 🤔 🤪

While this is certainly not going to replace my ordinary day job in the near future, it is indeed nice hobby. Working 100% from home these days I can of course enjoy a really nice cappuccino when having my coffee breaks. 👍

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