by Cole February. 06, 2009 1741 views

This is a magnet board that my grandmother gave me for Christmas. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, so she put a picture of my fella and me in a sunflower cutout that she found. I love the intensity of the colors contrasted with the black and white photo inside. Also on the board is a photo of my roommate, her best guy friend, my best guy friend, and me. Not in that order. My friends are so important to me. The buttons on the cloth square at the top are the extra buttons that came with my favorite skirt. I hate shopping, but I could stay for days in the store Anthropologie. The black and white photo is of my grandmother and her roommate in college. She said it was taken right before a Sadie Hawkins dance, which is why they have garters on. My roommate and I took a picutre imitating this and gave it to my grandmother for Christmas (she loved it! you can see the modern photo on my flickr). A little eclectic, but these are all representations of people and things I love.

And the black and white photo is my grandmother and her roommate in college. Precious.

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