Its Simple, Really

by Anand Khandelwal December. 10, 2012 4912 views

“So I wake up on an overcast morning, decide to take a walk on the beach to clear me head. As I walk about a kilometer to the south, I see an old englishman sitting under a coco nut tree. He smiles and gives me a thumbs up. I revert. On my way back, I notice he is still there. I go up to him and I sit with him for over an hour looking at the waves. We talk about everything under the sun. And before we part, he says ”Life is simple, Anand. You make decisions and you move on. Good decision - Okay. Bad decision - Okay. Its only that simple."

And yet, we tend to forget that every day. Maybe we should all wake up next to the beach.

Batelbatim Beach - Noontime
Good beer and great sleep.

Colva - Sunset


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Phibbs 8 years, 6 months ago

Beautiful set !

8 years, 6 months ago Edited