2009 CNY Episode II ~ Blue Mountain (incl. Jenolan Cave)

by Sharon Chan Comte June. 03, 2009 1553 views

I am determined to ensure my family some wild OZ land experience as part of our 2009 CNY programme so we went to Blue Mountain (not as wild as I like to be but you will be able to guess why as you scroll down)

The famous Three Sister

These seedlings took shape of plum blossom

Can you see the seeds?

Kanangra Walls ~ need more time to explore unfortunately


Reminds my brother of our Mount Kinabalu 4000m above sea level climb the year before

Mum managed to come up with an innovative way to enable one's body part out of the sun

Our accommodation on Blue Mountain ~ Bindo Creek


Right outside our cabin we have kangaroos, wallabies, 300 white parrots…….

besides the huge herd of cows that mange to wake us up in the morning, there are horses running around as well….

mun and dad flew away as we approached the pond but we do get the ducklings…..

well, the group of deers and wild ducks went too by the time we got near to the creek…..

Our 1st adventure is to go fishing, the bindo creek is famous for trout but we seem to have encounter the OZ famous summer flies infestation

The appointed anglers

Mum is trying another innovative way to keep the flies off one's face

I am not sure at all how to do this but having a brother doesn't help much either I assure you

Voila! I got the hook into the water at last

Mum gave up on the flies and start feeding on junk food (i didn't said that, it was as shown in the photo). Behind her was our 1st angler down.

We didn't get any fish after a very hard day so we make up for it with a monopoly game. We have fun and for all readers please note that the best time to go fishing for trout at bindo is Spring.

The 2nd adventure in-line is the Jenolan Cave


The underground water reserves retained

We had crispy bacon for breakfast the same morning mind you

Looks like parts of animal I don't wish to discuss here

Beautiful coral formation on the ground :)

This definitely reminds me of dessert.

We took the 2.5hrs long journey for the more adventurous and we have made it!

Due to time restraint, we have to say goodbye to Blue Mountains.

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