New Home: 8a West St, Balgowlah NSW 2093

by Sharon Chan Comte March. 07, 2010 1125 views

I know you couldn't get the whole picture since I am too lazy to get around the angles but hey! my house is on hill slope and I am a 5months plus pregnant woman so forgiveness should be in the air :)

Ladies & Gentlemen, finally….photos of my new home. Yes, its all the way down hill and there are a few residence spiders along the driveways which Christophe admire daily but curse every Thursday when he needs to get the garbage bin up to the street.

Basically, all our things has been relocated that all so no new furniture et j'en ai marre pour organiser tout en place avant le photography session donc this is all you get.

Home Entrance

Entrance Wall

The living, dining, tea room & kitchen are all squeeze onto the 1st floor.

My tea area with Christophe favorite architecture features: the starlight but we don't really see stars from there.

The dining to the left of the tea area and the balcony outside.

The living room to the right of the tea area.

The kitchen behind the entrance wall and in front of the dining.

The balcony outside the dining is where we sat to watch the stars at night. The house comes with a BBQ on this balcony.

Below the balcony is the large sun deck with the pool, out-dining & our own 6 heaters BBQ.

The study which now ends up more like a bibliotheque coz internet wall points doesn't work so we ended up setting a ADSL modem through phone line next to the cooking stove - not very convenient.

Let's go downstairs……

The small lounge in the middle of all the rooms.

Our messy master bedroom.

Our master ensuite. We might try the double jacuzzi in winter with baby, Chris and me but not for the moment.

The guest room. Hey, don't worry, everything has been cleared from the bed now so you are welcome anytime.

The nursery which is also my ironing room now. The cot has been ordered and the stereo all setup.

Not going to show you laundry area since it's not so interesting but further down the stairs we have our entertaining area. There is also our store room which you don't need to get into.

Of course the pool table comes with a bar counter.

Toilet & bath for swimmers, pantry for BBQ activities…..Life is not so bad after all.

And the pool or course!

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