Noel 2009 Famille en France

by Sharon Chan Comte March. 18, 2010 1385 views

Unfortunately, these photos are in small megapixel but great thanks to Clotilde nevertheless. Aidez-moi, ma famille en France pour plus des photos!




Christophe et Papa

Papa et Solange

Andre et Christophe

The Schoonderwoerd Family Branch

I'm glad there is no oyster shown here since I cannot have them

Andre avec Koala apron from Australia designer

Love our matching Santa hat, glad we bought a bunch of them too :)

Ladies & Gentleman, please do not have any misconception that this happen everyday.

Papa restful after the big meal

Well….now and then-yes

Aude with gorgeous Christmas hat from M'sia

Clotilde who has been so generous to share these photos with me.

Cold seems to be agreeable to everyone

You have to excuse Blandine since she seldom put her foot to rest, i guess Christmas is just one of the time when she really relax - there is absolutely no intention of vandalism here.

Marion et Papa

Serious at UNO

“Bubur” preparation:
- 1 cup of rice to 4 cups of water/chicken stock (2-3pax)
- Add fish/chicken/meatballs or basically whatever you like into it
- Boil to desire consistency
- Add spring onion & ginger slices to be served.

I'm quite glad that Solange loves my ABC soup

Don't you love it when he is not working 14 hours a day, spend 3 hours with you, sleep for 6 other and enjoy 1 hour of solitude?

I know, I do

Merry Christmas!!!!

Love my cheri

The Three Sister (i personally loves this photo)

Christmas with family has never been better

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