2010 CNY

by Sharon Chan Comte March. 25, 2010 1351 views

D'entre vous se demandent quelle nouvelle année chinoise est tout environ? Well, most of the time its EAT, DRINK, GAMES, BE WITH FAMILY & occasionally friends :)

Reunion dinner normally on the day before CNY on14th Feb 2010.

Arine Chan

We are trying to put some spice during dinner naturally. Makes one wonder what does the cheeky smile on Rueben face means when his girlfriend is on the blocks….hmmm…..

Chris seems to enjoy himself immensely

Very successful as the game escalate…..

Excitement still exist even during downfall

Then grandma announced dinner to be served. It looks like an outdoor picnic & we are quite proud to eat at the car porch - prove of our ever-growing family.

Here's half of it

The quarter of it; there are a few member who doesn't like to be in photo much but we tried.

Games continue after dinner….

Aunt Tracy & Aunt Sue

The other half of the family (except eldest uncle & Alex who is preoccupied). MIA this year are Cat & Dom.

Yvonne Chan; isn't that the most beautiful lamp post you've seen hahaha……..BTW, look at that cheeky smile again - it might be dark but we notice….hmmm….

Aunt Tracy & mama

Kids, don't try this at home!

An important realization dawn upon me this reunion dinner: Ash; Aunt Tracy god-son actually doesn't speak Cantonese (or any Chinese dialect). OMG! all those years - he just sat there pretend to understand. No fear brother, you have a non-chinese speaking group forming quite slowly in the family!

Dessert! or Yvonne birthday cake

I did said GAMES, regardless of what you see on the table - it is a game.

This is normally the choice when you have outnumber the quantity of players for mahjong. Mind you, we did our rounds at grandma & great-grandma before we put our full concentration into it. Another memorable addition to this new year!! - Bro Alex lost for the 1st time after 10 years.

Lottery tickets is a game too.

Sebastian is having better luck than any of us but guess Anthony & Nicole has no regrets on money spent.

Dear Friends, this particular dish called “Yee Sang” is only available during CNY & it's Chris's favorite culture. You are suppose to mix all the ingredients as high as you can while wishing for what the coming year might bring. It can be a bit messy after but nobody complains. I was having difficult explaining to my husband last year that “Yee Sang” was created by Malaysian Chinese like “Bak Kut Teh” hence not readily available in Australia or Europe per say.

I believe Chinese has better talent in pork trotter preparation than the french. This one on the left of the photo is de-boned stuff with meat, glutinous rice, dried muscles, water chestnut etc. Unfortunately, the de-boned duck feet came late otherwise I'll get you envy with the photo.

Nicole & papa - Our family gathering on the 1st day of lunar calender.

Me, mama & Sebastian.

There are plenty of reunions as you can see now. The father side of the family before, the mother side of the family now & our own :) Unfortunately, Chris needs to be in Melbourne & we need to return to Australia on the 2nd day of lunar calender otherwise according to tradition we normally celebrate CNY for 15days with family & friends which contribute approximately 5kg to our body weight. A big disappointment for me nevertheless as this is the year I have the privileges of not loosing weight….ai…….

More eating :)

I can't really move after all that

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