2010 May - Tasik Kenyir (32 weeks Pregnancy)

by Sharon Chan Comte June. 12, 2010 1550 views

Once again we are on Malaysia road seeing moo..moo..cow sign instead of kangaroo :)

Fact: Tasik Kenyir is only 5 & a half hour away from KL and 4 & a half hour only when the Gua Musang link is completed.

This is heaven for all anglers otherwise a place of calm & peacefulness.

Our lake view chalet in the virgin forest

I do look good with 20KG extra - No?

The resort kept a few deers in their vicinity

Breakfast is suppose to be the best time of the day on vacation but when your husband bring out his laptop……

I know, I know, pregnant woman is not suppose to be in the middle of the biggest lake/dam in Southeast Asia but couldn't help myself with the last piece of adventure before I am too heavy to move.

By the way, everyone else is worried too therefore the 3 guides from the resort for the two of us hahaha…..!

1st stop: Herb Island

Tongkat Ali the traditional way; Christophe said it's not bad.

Even the stove fire was control the traditional way :)

Abandoned ship houses.

Yes, it's a waterfall & No, it's not a difficult climb - just in case you ask.

See…its not that bad. I realize I am quite slow now.

Slowly does it.

We are there!

Cool & refreshing

Good for meditation too.

As for me….???

After strong discouragement from the 3 guides….

I ended up with an apple in hand & legs in the water ONLY.

All end with a good meal at the end of the day.

Kenyir in a rainy day.

The main activities jetty

The boat houses only depart when there are 10 passenger on-board. It is an adventure by itself to live aboard with limited facilities & a thin mattress.

It not bad after all, heading towards Cherating beach next hehe…

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