Etienne's Fullmoon Celebration 2nd Aug 2010

by Sharon Chan Comte August. 20, 2010 3155 views

C'est le tradition le chinios quand un bébé est un mois, la famille doit donner les oeufs rouges accompagnent souvent du gingembre mariné :)

We call it “Fullmoon Celebration”.

Red eggs in progress….

Looks easy but ask Christophe & he will tell you it is really fingering hot hahaha…..

Christophe came back just in time to do the pickled ginger too :)

Nicole is helping out with portioning of Chinese cakes :)

Chinese cakes - “Angku” (contain soy bean paste)

This portion is specially prepared in basket for Great-Grandma with a big piece of roast pork.

C'est une tradition très vieille aussi quand vous avez un fils, la famille a préparé un porc de rôti être donné. Nous achetons juste quelques morceaux au lieu du porc entier naturellement.

Etienne is sleeping amidst all the busy bee around him.

He is quite active in sleep so we decided it is too dangerous for him to sleep on the teak reclining bed so we had buy a traveling cot a week after.

Etienne woke up in the morning.

He bathes & eat.

I had my 1st hair wash in 30 days - yupee!!!

Etienne 1st outing to the restaurant where we dine before our chores.

Like father like son

Aunty Nicole keep saying she is a beautiful girl but I need to see more clearly >

My GrandPapa cradle is quite comfortable coz he coz big hands & belly too :)

My Great-Grandma seems to be very interested in me.

Great-Grandma, Papa, Grandma, Mummy & 2 Grand Aunty.

Etiennes' youngest Uncle.

Grand-Uncle came to visit.

Great-Grand-Uncle & Great-Grand-Aunt

Great-Great-Grandma & Etienne

Aunty Nicole, Great-Grand-Aunt, Great-Great-Grandma so I am not sure if my Aunty Nicole is still considered as a beautiful girl or aunty???

Our durian treat after a hard day work of announcement.

We hope you enjoy this album as much as we do. Cheers!

Christophe, Sharon & Etienne COMTE

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