Under the Sea, Under the Sea

by Sharon Chan Comte July. 17, 2011 1441 views

Off we GO!

Hello, Bumphead parrotfish

Long time no see Jacks :)

Can you make out the head & tail of the stonefish?

Ooo….seems to be the mating season for nudis


Banggai Cardinal fish

Come on, open up

Kuiter's dragonet


Leaf Scorpion


Let's go meet an old friend inside the wreck

You didn't seem to age Mr. Great Barracuda, I envy you. Look at my flabby tummy after the baby :(

Electric Clam

Highlight in Soraya: Pygmy Seahorse

Have you make out the head & tail yet?


Highlight: Ambon

How many of you have an underwater photo with your sister? I do hehe…

Feels great after so long, Yupee!!!

Juvenile Seamoth

Crabby (coral, orang-utan, xeno, boxer, Crinoid squat lobster, spiky coral, porcelain)

Shrimps (except for the mantis shrimp at the end, most of them are less than 1cm so don't think of food)

This is FOOD

Razor fish

Juvenile catfish

Goby & Shrimp Corporation

Critters Mix

A big thanks to our photographer(s) xoxoxo, including the one taking this photo of course xoxoxo

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