WA Travels P2: The Kimberley

by Sharon Chan Comte April. 14, 2012 1198 views

The Kimberley is about three times the size of England & one of the hottest parts of Australia.

OK, this is our main trip to WA: The Kimberley. Christophe has been quite persistent in his MUST VISIT so I did a bit of research. The Kimberley is the place where they filmed the movie “AUSTRALIA” (Nicole Kidman & Hugh Jackman) - cool :) but there are a few big BUTs……

No 1 - lonely planet said the only danger & annoyances is you need to look out for are freshies & salties. YES, I am talking about freshwater & saltwater crocs here. Do not get out of your car if stranded, do not go near waterholes for camping & I hope they don't go after my 20months old Etienne.

No 2 - it's a place you need to go around with your own water supplies, car spare parts etc…

No 3 - it's in the middle of nowhere & we have a 20months old son - isn't this great?

above all the BUTs, Christophe is optimistic about it so we go.

We were in a bit of luck as mid-March is the end of the raining season hence we have green, green, green

Kununurra Town

Etienne on the rocks!

Etienne wanted DIY nowadays

We try to let him until…..

He just loves stones. Apparently there is a huge area used for sandalwood plantation here (brandname:Mount Romance).

Bad luck as many roads are closed due to heavy downpour the weeks before such as the famous Ivanhoe Crossing @ Ord River.

Don't think we should go any further that this

There are heaps of barramundi in this river

One of the main interest is to take a flying tour; Alligator Airways is our choice. We were having problems with their big magnet logo (behind him in this photo) coz Etienne keep peeling it off & drag it around. I think they should definitely make some fridge magnet for souvenirs - a superb marketing tool.

It's a 2 & half hours flight that covers the entire area of Kimberley.

The plane



Lucky us :)

Lake Argyle: It looks like the ocean coz it's huge.

Bungle bungle

One third of the world's annual production of diamonds is mined at the Argyle diamond mines. Unfortunately pink diamond doesn't look too appealing to me.

Happy Flying

The best restaurant in Kununurra is this old powerhouse called The Powerhouse.

We are all geared up the next morning to drive to a few waterholes but were almost stucked as the road was flooded. Long story here so I'll let the driver explain - ask him when you see him next…..he didn't see the meter, car got flooded, ……

Luckily the car was not damaged & we re-route to Zebra Rock Gallery to rest & test.

Zebra rock sculpture

Great place for kids

Fish feeding too


The sleeping buddha island across Zebra Rock Gallery

Etienne was quite happy with the change of events.

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