2012 Easter: New Caledonia

by Sharon Chan Comte October. 01, 2012 1002 views

Dear Friends & Family,
I have finally decided to continue with photoblog for ease of storyboard but due to the immense amount of our life shown here I need to privatise my blog hence you might need to register for viewing. I apologised for any inconvenience & hope you will keep looking at our updates :)

It’s not the 1st time you hear people says ” we never got around to it although it’s just there”. Bearing this in mind, we braved another holiday trip with Etienne who is getting out of control & out of everything to New Caledonia from our Sydney home. What a surprise to find a french corner so far away from France! Even the bread is…. yummy!

There has been a few remarks before the trip that New Caledonia is not friendly BUT imagine you are a Melanesian & it took every ounce of effort you had to learn the national language – French & now the tourists expect you to speak English. It’s not easy to be friendly even though you wanted to. I could totally understand coming from multicultural background.

It remind me time and time again I have to explain to my friends that the french are not rude but they are unable to communicate hence prefer to avoid you even if they are waiters in the cafe. You just need to utter the magic word “Bonjour or S’il vous plait” for them to approach, once they tend your table voila! things will start to appear in front of you.

New Caledonia is currently the top in “my most beautiful place visited”, you have to see it to believe it! It is really clear turquoise blue sea, hundreds meters of shallow water with sandy bottom & very very fine sandy beaches – and I am not joking!

Our plan was to spend 4 days on ile des pins otherwise island hoping among Loyalty Islands is just too difficult with Etienne. Though I deeply regret not doing it now but hey, we still had unlimited supply of above mentioned so no complaints.

Our choice of Oure Tera Resort was superb well worth the penny we are paying, as least Etienne is happy to stay right in on beach front & we are able to sit back relax watching him on free-range playground.

Beach front advantage “all the mister Comte(s) can jump straight onto the beach.
Beach front disadvantage ”how to control all the mister Comte(s) to jump at certain time only".


It's mine

Papa..papa?…PAPA!!!! I think i saw a shark!

Diving was not really on our agenda until babysitting was confirmed. The only dive centre on ils des pines is Kunie. We are very lucky to have a discussion with fellow divers to find out that Boulari Pass @ New Caledonia is one of the 3 places in the world to see manta ballet. BANG! shoot me! how can I forgot this place beside Sangalaki! Both places seems to be so far out of reach that I have forgotten about it entirely. Without hesitation we hook up with Alize & Amedee dive centre @ Noumea to get there.

Amedee Lighthouse

tricot found at Amedee dive centre

the real thing…..

Proven once again luck is on our side: 1st dive 3 mantas & 2nd dive 6 mantas! Underwater current is moderate but it is advisable for experience divers. I got kicked 3 times by novices – Ouch!!!

hello, Noumea!

OMG! he got our bad habit

we try to influence him from young hehe…

pool time with mama means training

jumping platform

Etienne got addicted to the sea

1 minute he was sleeping, the next he was crying for food. Etienne 1st fried food; prawns wrap. Does he look sick to you? He has been coughing bit for a few days but still have sufficient energy to jump up & down aiyai, yai, yai, yai, yai…

my favourite place no matter where I am

really tempted to cook after all the trouts, cods, tiger prawns viewing

ahhhhh! the real stuff

All in all it was a great trip. Special thanks to Michel Copreaux & Martine Scrignac for the wonderful dinner & everything in Noumea. I also concluded the wine(s) can never go wrong whenever there is a Copreaux present

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