Number One 5x

by Mao_Rie January. 11, 2011 6744 views

Aloe Vera King [] is a product of Korea. This OKF [] brand of refreshing beverage does not contain artificial colouring, fat, or preservatives!? I chose to photograph all five of them bearing the No. 1 Brand symbol on the label simply because there are five ones in today's date. “1/11/11 is one of history's most vertical dates” ★?★ [] via TIME Magazine's news feed.

It looks like that tree is either trying to support the weight of all the “kings” or pushing them up a steep slope. Anyway, the natural flavours (in order from left to right) are pomegranate, pineapple, peach, lychee, and grape. *Nom. Nom. Nom* \(^_^)/ Benefits of aloe vera juice: ★?★ []

The lines give a Tron [] feel, eh?

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