Cold as Fire, Hot as Ice

by Mao_Rie January. 15, 2011 5741 views

Point of Convergence []: This “important” fire hydrant is conveniently located behind a police station on the left, a church on the right, apartment buildings down the road, and a preschool as seen on the other pic.

(^_^") Check out the Toronto Firefighter Calendar: ★?★ []
Listen to this: Britney Spears - Cold as Fire, Hot as Ice: ★?★ []

After experimenting with different signatures during the first fortnight, I finally feel comfortable enough to implement the watermark created today. For consistency, I reposted my images on previous photoblog entries to update them.

The Pho [] can be interpreted as the Vietnamese (FYI: I'm not Viet) bowl of beef and noodle soup (*Nom. Nom. Nom.* I ♥ noodle soup! [] ), and the capitalized letters TO as Toronto, Ontario. The smiley (O_o) means ★?★ []. Marie has always been my “official” nickname since birth thanks [] to Mom and Dad who insisted after one of my godmothers suggested Maricon which is a fusion of my given names. Unbeknownst to her, it's Spanish for ★?★ [].

No wonder parents like to research baby names; nevertheless, some kids (bully magnets) are still unfortunate. A name can sound acceptable (beautiful) for some, but it can be despicable when interpreted by people of other cultures. One can always change his/her names by ★?★ [].

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Claire 6 years, 4 months ago

it s a very nice set !

6 years, 4 months ago Edited