Organic and Abstract

by Mao_Rie January. 18, 2011 5494 views

This is a residential fence covered with vine branches and red leaves as seen from the sidewalk. Hover your mouse cursor over the photos to read brief notes on the random images taken in T.O.

At first glance, the black figure entangled in the branches could be mistaken for some sort of a living creature. Upon closer inspection (a.k.a. looking up and really squinting hard), it looked like a fabric or plastic stuck up there. *shrug*

On the upper left corner of this photo is a newspaper or magazine page exposed on the heavily-trafficked, snow-covered sidewalk. Imagine the blue area as the beak and the black square next to it as the eye of a ★?★ []. That's my shoot-as-you-walk silhouette stretched diagonally.

Usually when I suddenly pause and hold my iPod up to capture images, some people walking towards my direction also pause and frantically look up above and around them searching for whatever it is that I seem to be aiming at. *Chortle*

What if I stretched my arm out and yelled, “Look! Up in the sky! It's a…!”? How about…“Heads up! There's a…catapulted ball of garbage midair,…someone about to illegally/naughtily pour a bucket of or drop something from a balcony,…a wild animal about to pounce from a high elevation,…a tornado-hurled vehicle,…a stunt skydiver of a movie in unscripted distress,…a paratrooper because of a state of emergency,…an aircraft crashing,…an asteroid, or…someone up on a high structure in obvious you-know-what danger!”? Like they say, don't cry wolf. Raising a false alarm is not only absurd, but also highly likely a cause for an arrest.

*Walking away nonchalantly* ♫There she goes. ★?★ []♫There she goes again.★?★ []Armed with a digi cam.♫*.

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