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I was a passenger and got a little creative. It was only a simple figure (Unidentified Frost Object) until the extraneous elements gave it life. I chose these five shots among the many trial-and-error ones since I'm currently restricted to uploading five images. Requirements: a human knuckle or finger, imagination, good timing (or a trigger-happy attitude), a digital camera, a foggy (frost outside, condensation inside) car window, headlights and rear lights of moving cars, street lights, darkness of the night, and a driver since handheld devices are banned while behind the wheel. Visit ★?★ [mto.gov.on.ca] to find out what the acronym D.U.M.B. stands for.

This one resembles a silhouette of a tree hugger, a stage prop handler/mover, an indecisive catacomb or sewage explorer, or a lost-in-the-dark skier caught in a blizzard.

This resembles a rescuer, a survivor, or a spelunker carrying a torch, and either dropped or found an emergency glow stick or plasma machine on the ground.

This one resembles a renegade (carrying a teddy bear/doll?) firing a machine gun, a danger-to-himself-and-others simpleton wielding a bunch of lighted sparklers, or a wacky explosives technician holding live dynamites.

This one resembles a firebreather (Part 1), or an underworld creature going on a rampage .

This one resembles the abovementioned firebreather (Part 2), or a cave handprint painter [google.ca].

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Jjossey81 6 years, 4 months ago

great post, really creative!

6 years, 4 months ago Edited
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