Revision Coffee Break

by Anonymous Photographer January. 10, 2017 2666 views

Motivation to revise for my finals can at times wear a little thin, obviously. Coffee shops encapsulate the drama of everyday life and thus a break from what at times can seem to be of singular and upmost importance. The cacophony of grinding, tamping and steaming drowns out a dungarees's delicious gossip, mere fervent whispers across a dusted cappuccino. A denim jacket listens intently wiping the lipstick print from her espresso cup.

Whilst some visits are fleeting, others linger. Suits bustle in and out carrying tired flasks wearied by time, caffeine and responsibility, much like their owners. A crested blazer sits upright in a corner, immune to the noise and unaware of the hustle and bustle surrounding him, deep secrets, soap dramas, divorces, holidays and political bemoanings are not of his concern, a large americano is the only necessary companion through the book clutched in wrinkled hands. 

Here I sit, studying, thinking. I'm suddenly filled with a swollen sense of misplaced self-importance. Often one can be only see what lies straight ahead and assign it enormous value, and fear it. Looking up both mentally and photographically can offer a welcome reminder that life blunders forth irrespective of ones notice, and that watching and capturing it is very important.

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Coffee solves most problems but not all, exams being one of its few shortcomings...

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Antonio Gil 4 years ago

Perfect picture to highlight your text.

4 years ago Edited
Phillip Ziegler 4 years ago

Nice use of foreground.

4 years ago Edited
Anonymous Photographer Replied to Phillip Ziegler 4 years ago

Thank you, i think the clarity of the foreground may have benefitted from my actual camera. Though for a photograph taken on my phone, i am pleased with the results!

4 years ago Edited
Phillip Ziegler Replied to Anonymous Photographer 4 years ago

To my eyes the lack of focus in the foreground is fine. Might darken it a bot so the eye moves from the foreground to the person. I use Snapseed on my Iphone and it does amazing things.

4 years ago Edited