A Fork In The Road

by Anonymous Photographer January. 11, 2017 1075 views

The Tromeja Point marks the conjoining of three national borders: Austria, Italy and Slovenia where we were staying. The village of Kranjska Gora is a well known ski resort in winter. Though the down-clad masses have faded when summer arrives, the forests and mountains come to life in the sunshine. Nature's art gallery surrounds us as we descend the Slovenia-Italy border, though it saves its master pieces for gaps in the trees where snowcaps and valleys are framed by leaves and branches. 

Even in September when the the blanket snow cover is a distant memory, the alpine environment remains treacherous in places. We ventured down both paths as the map was not entirely lucid, and both presented nothing but the beauty of this astonishing environment. Previous endeavours of this sort, venturing higher and further involved scree slopes, scrambling and via feratta to successfully ascend the rocky summits. No issue for seasoned hikers until the weather turns and the world before you shifts in an instant. Above 2500m, clouds zip down rifts and across valleys bringing rain wind crashing down on a once tranquil ascent. Environments like the Julian Alps command respect and preparation, but a moment at the summit and any fear or effort is justified in an instant.

Though this is where my heart truly lies, adventuring and exploring peaks, summits and heights, the journey can often be as beautiful in unexpected ways. This photograph reminds me that no matter how wonderful and all-consuming your end goal might be, the journey can hold its own against the destination. 

Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic Interference

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Sharon Eames 3 years, 3 months ago

You really need to have these all over the walls of your home.

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Anonymous Photographer 4 years ago

Thank you both

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Antonio Gil 4 years ago

... and then there was light... Beautiful

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