Caffeine Round II: The Return of the King

by Anonymous Photographer February. 24, 2017 645 views

A now ritualistic part of my revision instigation takes the form of visits to the coffee shop. The rasp of milk steaming and heavenly aroma of freshly ground Tanzanian Combe make for a soothing workplace, perfect for easing a few more work hours into each week. 80's Nylon jackets order flat whites whilst puffs jackets brave the outside tables, cradling their cups of liquid gold. A daily grind helps millions with their daily grind, and having my very own local coffee roaster and cafe significantly closer than any university library makes it a more time efficient workplace. At least, that is how I justify the choice.

Post-Doris Britain is licking its wounds though Leeds seems unscathed as the mother-daughter duo enjoy a Friday afternoon scrabble session. Coffee houses are an escape for many, but for me they are much more versatile. You can meet old friends, make new friends and bring girlfriends and boyfriends. You can meet your employers or employees for pre or post-work smalltalk where the real business is conducted. For me, there are few greater pleasures than rising above the hum of activity and sinking into a book whilst watching the lives of others unfold around you.

Friendly Stranger - Not perturbed by my request for a photograph

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