Something to run for

by Anonymous Photographer October. 02, 2017 710 views
Another Saturday, another park run on Woodhouse moor.

Another Saturday, another park run on Woodhouse moor.

The last eighteen months has been difficult for my athletic exploits. Injury has blighted my training and racing, and one weekend sticks in my mind, when it started. I had decided, for reasons not known even to myself, to compete in a local club 10 mile time trial in the morning, and then the Haverhill 10k in the afternoon. The bike was miserable clocking around 25 minutes; I could not get comfortable. The run on the other hand went well despite it being a tactical disaster. An opening kilometre in around 3 minutes flat sealed the suffering until the final straight, putting 100m into the field. It was then a case of damage limitation as a duo attempted a chase down. The time was nothing special but the win secured at least, and the pain testament to why I have never before and will never again start that fast!

After that day, shin pain developed. Calf raises sorted it to an extent. The knee pain which followed even intense S&C doesn't seem to have sorted. Various physiotherapists have suggested various things, the Leeds university physio perhaps being the most effective. They have not been debilitating injuries in the slightest, I've recorded three PBs in half marathon, 10k and 5000m during this period, but they have laid waist to the endless dedication spent wishing I could run, cycle, swim... do anything to succeed in some athletic discipline.

There is something about pushing your body to inhumane places, about the deafening silence and instantaneous way time passes with footfalls, something which is encapsulating and enrapturing. Something addictive, fulfilling and life-giving. Its caused me and countless tears, cramps and pains. I have suffered and endured, but its all self induced and all beautiful.

I am slowly sorting myself out. After cycling to Barcelona this year my knees were ruined and so I rested for 8 weeks. Now, back training at low intensity most days I'm incorporating strength and conditioning to deter unwanted niggles in joints or muscles. Its as though my lifeblood has returned, I have a purpose once more. Its inexplicable, but I'll happily just take it anyway.

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