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by Anonymous Photographer March. 01, 2018 381 views
"Do it, you know like they do in the movies when they're in the sea or something of that sort..."

"Do it, you know like they do in the movies when they're in the sea or something of that sort..."

As the name of this blog might indicate, contrast in photographs is the area I like to focus on. This isn't to say other aspects are many less important, but in black and white photography contrast plays a huge role. Photographs change when they are turned black and white. It can make or break an image. Some suit the simplicity and others loose the essential detail which makes the picture tick.

I do shoot in colour but have always reserved a special spot in my heart for black and white photography. I find there to be an elegance to it which I just don't see in most colour imagery; a rawness and a sense of age and vunerability. Studying things I am passionate about makes the process some much more rewarding and thus this blog and my project which feeds it: The Woman (pictured above).

This project mostly follows our daily lives, with natural and honest photography taking centre stage. However, something which is starting to play more of a for us is a more photoshoot style session rather than purely fly-on-the-wall style observations. Being a model is something I'd never really given any thought to but now having been involved with the concept is certainly something that takes time to develop and to build confidence in.

It is manifestly obvious in a photograph when the subject doesn't feel at ease and it ruins the image. Being comfortable isn't just something you can switch on and off. It takes practice, patience and a rapport with the photographer. Something which I am incapable of in my experience, but something which the woman has started to become familiar with. Feeling confident is often highly situational but is rewarding infant of the camera. This is my favourite of the recent set of images we captured.

She will often say "well what do I do?" and to be honest I don't have an answer but we seemed to find one and got the above image. Having fun makes the process so much more rewarding but it takes time.

I think it is worth the wait.

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