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And the rudest functional area in student affairs award goes to…. *drum roll, please*… FYE!!! O. M. G. Today I got up at why o'clock to ride to Atlanta with Darren, Megan, and Mark to volunteer at the annual FYE conference. Why we subject ourselves to such foolishness is beyond me, but Mark suggested we file this one under the long list of “Things We Do for Dick.” #iDied lol!!! At any rate, meeting people was fun, seeing Ryan was great, and running into and spending time with Desmond was…well…interesting, but I could not believe how rude some of the attendees were. We were instructed not to let people in after the rooms had reached capacity, but the 15-20 minute late idiots got so stanky with us when we were just trying to do our jobs. Whatevs. I wasn't going to fight. I was volunteering. But I was keeping my eyes open and making notes of where NOT to go and what NOT to do in this profession. Once we got back to Athens, Mark took me to Tiffany's to pick up my car, and then I went over to Jamie's for the Super Bowl party. I'm not a football fan, but the SB is an American tradition, right? ha!! I was super exhausted, but I enjoyed the fellowship. The red light special though?? LOL!! #suspect

Yes, 7 student affairs professionals and graduate students took our FYE Conference lunch break at Hooters. And?? LOL!!!

This. Happened. The REAL Super Bowl halftime show!

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