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I'm a firefighter and the father of four grown kids. In fact one of them is "LostAspen," who also has a blog on this site and who takes some fantastic pictures.

I got interested in photography, way back in highshool, where I learned how to develop and make my own prints. Then in the 80s I bought my first SLR, an Olympus OM-PC and really "Got into it." But due to some ongoing technical issues with the camera and a lack of funds. The camera sat and only collected dust for a number of years.

Then in 2004, I bought my first of many digital cameras, another Olympus and shortly after that I started playing around in Photoshop Elements 3. These days, I have 3 Canon digital cameras. One goes to work with me and because of it's swivel screen, it's GREAT for discrete and/or candid photos. Another smaller camera goes hiking and bicycling with me. Finally my SLR is the "Big Gun" and is used for the creative, and difficult photos.

Since I spent too much on my cameras. My current computer software program is PS Elements 6, which means that none of my pictures are HDR. That doesn't mean that I can't be creative in Elements tho and I have found a few tricks that can allmost mimic HDR. Maybe next year I'll get CS3.


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