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by Craig Pifer February. 27, 2017 718 views

Took the day off from work to attend a school field trip with my daughters. We headed over to Tillamook, OR to visit the air museum.

Tillamook Air Museum is housed in a WWII blimp hangar.

The building has been called the world's largest wooden structure, although I'm not sure if that is still true to this day, or if it ever was. It was originally built in the 1940s to house blimps that were used to search for Japanese submarines. There were 2 identical hangars, but the other one burned in the 1990s.

Flying crane parked outside the hangar.

Historical photos show up to eight blimps inside this particular hangar. The blimps used were larger than the modern Goodyear blimps still in use today.

Inside the flying crane.

The museum itself was a bit underwhelming. There is a good bit of history to be gleaned, but displays of aircraft are greatly lacking. This museum is greatly overshadowed by the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, which is only about an hour away and holds the Spruce Goose.

I would love to have some photos from inside the building, but it is extremely dark in there. They have only minimal lighting fixtures.

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