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I've been taking photos for what seems like forever, well over half my life. Starting with a simple 110 film camera that my brother gave me, I grew to love the art and craft of photography. High School and college gave me experience working in a black and white darkroom, developing film and printing photos. Over ten years of working for a local camera store chain gave me experience working with modern digital mini-lab equipment and large format printing, among other things. My full-time job gives me little time to practice photography, but I still enjoy taking every opportunity I can. I've photographed weddings, portraits, and events through the years, but I feel more drawn, at this time, to landscapes and wildlife. I have no true specialty, but rather capture whatever captures my interest.

These days I capture images with a Canon digital SLR and frequently with my smartphone. I'd rather use my SLR in most situations, but I am happy to use whatever device I have available to me.


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