Grown Up Things

by Jacob Criste May. 19, 2017 1391 views

All I want are grown up things...

Ever since I was a kid I wanted "Grown Up Things". Beginning with my first cereal box that I bought on my own, to my toolbox that my Father gave me, to the guns I bought. I didn't realize it at the time, I don't know reasoning now, but I thirsted for responsibility. Some of my siblings would say that I was a control freak, there nickname for me was "Nazi Jake", I was in many ways and can still be at times (I made up "Nazi Jake"... but you get my point). But my search for being "In Control" was in many ways, me dying for responsibility. Whenever I would buy a new pair of boots, fishing rod, or speakers for my car, nothing would get in my way to make sure that I took care of it. But I have achieved a new milestone in my life. I finally have house! I am renting it with a few other guys, but nonetheless. I take a lot of pride in it. One thing that I am having to get used to is doing the dishes. I grew up using a washing machine (which broke to many times to count), so not being able to just throw the dirty dishes into the silver oven of cleanliness is tough. I like doing the dishes though, it is a time to think and listen to the rushing scalding water while smelling our "Hawaiian Oasis" scented soap. Feeling the slipperiness of the sponge and carefully washing glasses that seem to thin to still have not broken. The finishing though is the best, because my hands are cleaner than ever and my face is all hydrated from the steam, haha. 

Wine Glasses

French Coffee Press
Beer Mug
Wooden Spoon
Filled Sink
Wooden Spoon and Silver Mug

Last Thought...

While it is nice having responsibility, I have learned an important lesson. Knowing your place and knowing others, often determines when you are being a "Control Freak" and a "Person Who Does What They Know They Can Do Well." While it is important to know where your boundaries lay in this game of risk that we call life, knowing others can be just as important. Also, be humble. Even when you are in your place, don't be the butt head that has a god complex.

Peace, Love and Stay Fierce,


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