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by Scott Young December. 23, 2016 1155 views

scottyoungphoto.com This article covers ways to carefully integrate new camera technologies in a safe, conservative manner that does not disrupt your photography business, and more importantly a reputation of producing great people images.

After 12 months of planning and work, I'm thrilled to announce that our photography studio can offer yet another style of business headshots that feature shooting at a very high flash-synchronized shutter speed. This flash technology produces a high key fashion look that has started to change the headshot photography landscape, and it is now available immediately to all customers!

Having a market awareness that surrounds anything concerning evolving me as a photographer and offering different solutions to the photographic marketplace is what still excites our photography studio.

There is a diversity of photography equipment that we use daily that helps solve problems for our photography studio and the people who use our services. But the latest camera flash advancement is going to have a profound impact on the way I photography a headshot in sunny conditions.

All of us at Scott Young Photography feels strongly that the business of professional headshots could have more of an impact on our business if, we could offer better results photographing outside in direct sunlight without using reflectors that cause a headshot clients to squint their eyes.

To better understand how we could help customers get the best experience with our photography studio a staff member, or I ask in person and through email for feedback. We discovered that most of our customers wanted outside business headshots during the midday hours to better accommodate their working schedule. None of us knew, how to best accomplish this daunting task exactly. The answer turned out to be new technology in camera flash synch speeds, which was the exact solution instead of using reflectors that caused severe squinting, we can now use the new flash technology to improve the headshot experience with clients.

The idea using this new photographic technology was exciting and concerning. As a photographer, you must be properly trained and experienced with all photography equipment that you use to create quality work that will get you hired. Our internal solution was to get friends and family to be headshot models to learn and train the Scott Young Photography photographers to a high level of confidence using the new photo flash technology.

We build our photography toolkit of knowledge to be industry leaders as photographers, which in turn keeps us relevant to our valued business headshot customers.

This headshot was taken on location in a local park in Flower Mound Tx. The goal for this image was shallow depth of field by using a f stop of 2. Since this was a 2pm shoot in harsh sun I relied on a faster than normal flash sync speed for this final result.

On location headshot in Flower Mound Tx

getting the most out of a headshot

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Ram Ya 4 years ago

Beautiful effect especially considering it was done at midday.
I would love to hear more about the techniques and equipment that you use to create this effect.

Welcome to PhotoBlog, Scott!

4 years ago Edited
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