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Is it time to get your shot? An updated business headshot.There is no need to keep sitting around putting off that much-needed headshot done by a professional headshot photographer to update your website or social media it's easier and less painful than you think when you work with a photographer experienced in the craft of headshots. 

Every year our headshot photography studio does a breakdown of how happy was our clients with our efforts to provide them with a headshot that satisfied their expectations and look to see if and how the studio can improve the process for our self-critical clients.

This is a tough question to ask if your customer is satisfied with their business headshot results because it's more natural not to like the way we look in photographs versus a mirror. A mirror we are used to looking into every morning when we are getting ready to start our day. All of us are more accustom to seeing our image in a mirror, which is the inverse of have we view a picture of ourselves, and somehow that image of us seems more acceptable to ourselves than any headshot photo.

One prerequisite for altering or adding a technique is asking ourselves; will it add some value to the headshot or the user's needs. The user experience can't be overlooked; the headshot customer makes a big difference on the popularity and excitement built around me as a premiere photographer. So I avoid any difficulties at any cost to prevent degradation of my studio'a brand as a quality producer of people imagery.  

Ultimately I am responsible for making the right choices that promote and expand my photography studio. Knowing this I take any and all measures to help solve my client's headshot concerns.

 These are methods I provide to ensure a better experience for my users of my photography.

1. Is to continually ask why a customer should choose me? I think this can be summarized by offering a complete system of headshots that focuses on convenience and the satisfied comments that we receive for our customer base.

2. Further developing my skills.  When I learn something new that I know can be incorporated into my portraits or business headshots, I still get excited about the chance to fully explore the possibles of using the knowledge to create a unique headshot that people will say wow too.

3. Cut back on my personal negative reaction to how someone else is acting at the photography shoot. The worst experiences with clients stem from other issues in their life, and these emotions can and do flood over to other people they interact with throughout their day, and I realize some days are harder for my customers, I just don't want to be the add to any disruption they may be going through. This is a time for me as a headshot photographer to stay very professional and push through these personal moments people have in life. I've only had two or three clients that I recommended that we can try the headshot session another day when it becomes obvious that my customer can't produce the warm natural expressions in the face that they wanted.

4. Use my conversational abilities to promote a positive environment.This is easily the most important role I play that contributes to naturally authentic smiles and friendly looks, that some people tell me they didn't know they could look that naturally friendly in a picture, that's just the greatest compliment that I can get as their headshot photographer.

5. Improve setup speed for backgrounds. I don't always know ahead of time if I'm shooting a headshot that has to match a company background color or not until the client shows up for the actual business headshot. This means a quick discussion with my customers to make a choice for a background look for the headshot.

6. Never overlook the small things. This part is all about hair being in place; necklaces being straight; not having clunky items in pockets; no extra jewelry on hands or wrist and keeping wrinkles on clothes to a minimum.

Let us look at all the problems as a photographer having a customer be entirely happy with the way they will look in a business headshot. 

The first thing to realize is a particular portion of the population will never be satisfied with the way they look, and our photography studio has its share of these headshot clients. The fact we as a society are bombarded with amazingly beautiful images of people throughout every day distorts perceptions of what good looks are and raises an unrealistic mental high bar that most of us can't achieve. 

The social media always reminds us how import looking good is.Today's headshot photographers need to be in tuned with this need for people to want to look fantastic when they put a headshot image on their online channels like Facebook, Linkin, and websites. ------

It can be a big challenge managing the hypercritical response to what is a great shot in your mind as a photographer, but the individual can't see the potential of the headshot image. This is the time to explain to the client that step one is capturing a high-quality image in the camera first then move the image over to Photoshop and start the process of addressing all the major concerns about how they look and how to address it in the Photoshop software. Is always nice to remind the customer that most great headshot photos they've seen have been photoshopped to enhance the face shape, eyes, skin, teeth, and smile and this is an option that is available with our headshot services.

Learning all the ways to manipulate a headshot digit image takes a long time to learn and a ton of time behind a computer with expensive software programs designed for the professional photographers use, but it is a necessary part of the commitment to quality that keeps the business competitive and thriving.

headshot session of balleria

the goal of this shot was to have a shadow on the floor the help set a mood for this ballerinas studio shoot

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