South Africa: DayCare

by Ctcf April. 15, 2009 2592 views

Modise, what's up, little buddy?

Karabelo. “I can write my name”.

Mr Tankiso was our substitute teacher today!! He explained to Tshediso how he should write his name, because Tshediso was busy writing other childrens names instead of his own!!

Moleboheng writing her name over and over again. This little girl brings tears to my eyes more than once a day. Look at the little hands holding the pencil and the concentration on her face. She loves to please.

Tshediso made lines on his blackboard so that he could write his name between the lines!!

Lebohang amazes me all the time. He has improved so much and is really working hard and he is very proud of his work.

Itumeleng writing every letter perfectly and beautifully.

Tankiso building houses with shapes.

They were not watching JAWS!! They were just so amazed with all the different kinds of sea creatures one gets under the sea. None of the pictures I showed them were familiar to them. This was a fun activity which will be done on a weekly basis to teach them about things outside of Leratong!

Working hard and practicing those letters.

Matladi writing her alphabet in her book. She is a hard worker and she works extremely neat!

The children wrote their names today!!! Tokelo you are a star!!

All you need is a CD and then you need to scratch your name on it with a crayon? No, that's only Modise leaving his mark and showing me that this CD belongs to HIM and him alone!!

Which crayon to use?

Karabelo and Tankiso coloring.

Tokelo coloring his fish. Today we talked about creatures living under the sea and showed them different kinds of fish, octupus, sharks, whales etc. They were amazed and when I started handing out the fish templates they were so excited to make their own sea creature!

Monaheng. Check out my bling bling! I am so cool!

Tokelo. Jelly makes me……so happy!!

Modise loves jelly and custard and it is definitely a huge bonus when you are served peaches with it.

After school today, some of the children came to say hello at the Day Care. We had some custard and jelly left over, so we invited them to share with the Day Care children. They loved it!!

The children love to hang around the birthday board. We have photos of every child's birthday so far and they love to remind me that there is another one coming up…soon!

Kiddies learning new Sotho words. They will soon be writing them.

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