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by Ctcf June. 13, 2010 1836 views

We have not had any updates lately as the wiring on our truck burnt out on the last trip to Lesotho in May. While the truck was being rewired I used the motorcycle and since it is winter, I did not pause to take pictures too often…;-).
Last Sunday was a clear day, so on my way back after church I thought I had to stop and take a picture.

Last Sunday was a special day and we dedicated 2 of the new babys born this year…Neo and Matshediso

Outside with the ever so proud grandmothers.

Thursday we got the truck back with the wiring replaced and everything working again……well kinda….you still had to sit on an upturned crate to drive it…(I may have a Yankee sweater on in the previous pictures but that cannot hide the redneck inside…yes you find them even in Africa…!!.. )

Slowly going back together.
Funny how you forget where stuff go in a month….I would fit something only to find out there is another bit that needs to go behind it…so you go one step forward and 2 steps back!! …. but it is nearly done and Monday we will wrap it up so I can go to Lesotho Tuesday.
Praise God for being mobile again!!

Which brings us to today.
Left Harrismith in what seemed to be a reasonable winters day. Outside QwaQwa though I was met by grey skies and dark black clouds. Those black clouds I found was directly over the base and Leratong was covered in mist. Not long after stopping a light drizzle started and with a light dusting of snow on the mountains behind the center, and everyone saying more is on the way, I high tailed it out of there.
You can see the dark clouds behind Modise….

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