**** Sweet Sour Salt ****

by Ctcf July. 19, 2010 2560 views

“Mmmm…What will we be doing today?”

They saved their art work from last week to show it off!! Very pretty!!

Cute little jackets!

Today we did sensory skills. They counted and made shapes with clay that smelled like beetroot! Who said you could not play with your vegetables??

Ten Sammy Snakes plus another ten equals twenty Sammy Snakes and 4 Sammy Snakes equals a square!

Nthabeleng dreaming of being engaged??

It might look like one big mess, but they were actually writing in the shaving cream! Bibi is left handed, but he had so much fun he wrote with both hands today!!

Do you think they enjoyed this…?

Of course they did, especially when it turned green, blue and red!!

Putting their hands to paper, squish, squish!!

Walter Walrus? Nooooo, Sir Puseletso!

They tasted sweet, sour, bitter and salt as part of the lesson. Tshidiso and Nthabeleng were blindfolded and had to guess the different food on the table.

Modise looked excited, but Tshediso and Nthabeleng were not that sure.

“What do you smell Tshidiso?”

Tshidiso, not sure if it was sweet or sour, or both?

Modise found out that salt did not tickle his taste buds…

…but sugar does!

Goodness me!!! This is sweet…I mean SOUR!!

Bibi preferred the smell of lemon to that of perfume!

Good conversation makes me smile too…

Nthabeleng is…just a happy and content little girl!!!

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