Pray For Rain

by Ctcf September. 29, 2010 2384 views

After not using the dirt road to Butha Buthe while it was being worked on, construction stopped and I took the opportunity to go that way round again. To those who have been here, this new bridge is over the Caledon river that is the border between the two countries…..we used to come down the steep downhill and cross the river over big rocks… we have a bridge!!
That road is still a killer though….2 hours to travel 40 miles….brutal!!

We have not had the first rain for this season yet…last rain was probable 4 months ago, so the people in Matlakeng is suffering. The well is dry so they have to walk down to the lowlands to find water at the few natural springs there. This they have to do from 4 in the morning as there are many people jostling for the little water available. a 2 mile trip every morning just to have water…..tough people these!!
Please keep them in your prayers!!

With all the new kids we need to put in more tables!! They are taking turns to write…so more blackboards too…and a helper teacher…soon!!
Isn't it awesome how God has grown this from the 6 kids sitting in front of the shack/daycare.

We get 2 kinds of maize/corn, the white type and a yellow one. The yellow variety has a lot more vitamins and minerals, so it is a good thing that in Lesotho they like the yellow…..again, to make lunch one of the parents had to bring water here while it was still dark, carrying it 2 miles up the hill!

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