Beijing life

by Linnea January. 04, 2017 273 views

Saw some amazing things in Beijing!

While walking through the park surrounding the temple of heaven, we saw this older man (in black) drawing characters on the stone with a big paintbrush sponge type of thing, and a couple of us stopped to watch. One of the women got to try it, and the older man said her writing was bad and sloppy! 

You often see older people "hanging out in parks in China to be with the community when they're retired. Playing games, calligraphy, exercising and all kinds of activities!


While walking out of the same park we passed lots of older men and women sitting on the railing in a covered path playing games! Gambling is illegal in China (i.e playing games and betting money), but you can often see someone keeping score or some sort of chips that can quickly be hidden if police were to come by! Betting makes it all more fun right? Anyway, as we were walking past them we see some of them sitting with birdcages, and our guide told us that this was previously a sign of great wealth, which has stayed with the older generation. 

A man and his bird

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