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by Cyprien November. 03, 2016 1532 views

Why an English Translation ?

This blog was originally created for my family and friends to see the pictures of my trip to New Zealand. Since I saw from post one comments from kind unknown visitors interested in my pictures, I thought that they (you, non-French speaking vast majority of the world) could benefit from reading the story behind the pictures as well.

How did I start photography ?

But first, a proper introduction is in order since you most-likely don’t know me. My name is Cyprien (but you can call me Cyp, pronounced Sip, as I understand that my First Name is difficult to pronounce for many people) and began the photography adventure in 2007 when I bought a Bridge camera before going to a training period in Greece for three months.

I spent a lovely stay there, more taking pictures and travelling than really working for my university and kept the camera for everyday pictures. My girlfriend at the time was learning to become a pro photographer, so she gave me the basics of composition and exposure triangle.

Resting in Greece was really peaceful

I really started to make photographs only three years ago, though, when I bought my first DSLR camera (Canon 650D), and when my girlfriend at the time (not the same one) dared me to start a 365 pictures project, since I was spending so much money for the equipment.

I did the project (almost correctly, I missed less than 10% of the days) and that taught me how it is possible to take pictures in every conditions of lights, days, places, moods of the photographer (some days you just don’t want to get your camera out), and continued to take pictures regularly since, with a mind more focused on quality than productivity.

One of my 365-ish pictures in my beautiful city of Lyon

This year is a big one for me in many aspects of my life because not only it is the year of my thirties, but this is also the year where I will definitively have spent more time handicapped than not. I got struck by femoral cancer at the age of 15; and while I am fully healed, I keep a hip prosthesis and an incurable limp from this event. Moreover I keep a firm containment of my feelings from this period of my life. That saved me back then but it is time for me to let go. (Let’s stop the presentations here for now, you will soon know more about me than my own friends)

The 76th picture taken with my new camera... now at 13250 !

Hence, a trip to New Zealand, and its translation coming soon !

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Jc Gabelle 4 years, 7 months ago

Nice presentation. I think I'll try also the 365 pics project. Sounds interesting.
Can't wait to see your pictures from NZ !

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