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My passion for photography started during my college years where I was given an opportunity to photograph Martin Luther King for our college yearbook. In 1969 I opened a photo studio and gallery in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. It was there where I explored the art of photo manipulations using the "old fashioned way” many years before PhotoShop.

I became interested in photography as a fine art in the early 1970s at a small photography center in Berwyn, PA, a western suburb of Philadelphia, run by photographers Steve Williams and Tom Davies. The center was called The Photography Place and offered a darkroom, bookshop, and a gallery/meeting space. They also offered weekend workshops with legends such as Paul Caponigro, Andre Kertesz, Arnold Newman, Gene Smith, and George Tice. There were gallery exhibits of the work of Ansel Adams, Minor White and other notables. I had the good fortune of participating in the workshops given by Caponigro, Kertesz, Newman, and Tice. At Paul’s workshop he invited me and two others to spend four days at his studio in Redding Connecticut. It was at his studio where I enjoyed a personal experience that convinced me that a photograph could offer a viewer a transcendent experience. I stood transfixed before Paul’s image - Fungus, Ipswich - and suddenly felt as if I was levitating. More importantly, I felt unified with the image. It was for me a seminal insight into the potential of art photography.

In 1998 I began satisfying my enthusiasm for photography by collecting rare, fine art photography books. My interest in the evolution of photography as an art form led me to assemble a collection of the landmark books in the history of the medium. I decided in 2007 to donate the collection to the New Hampshire Institute of Art http://archives.hippopress.com/070517/arts.html

Currently, I enjoy creating photographs, digital images, and electronic music at my studio in New Hampshire. I share my life with my wife Bonney and “Toast” the cat.


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