Day 25

by Daphnie Lowery January. 25, 2010 410 views

Home with a sick baby today.
Our power went out so I couldn't upload my files…because hubby's laptop died.
I know, I'm FULL of excuses! Ha.
But we had a decent day today.
Paid a bill, had lunch with a friend, ran some errands.
It was such a beautiful day that we HAD to get out of the house.
Depression from sitting inside all day was getting to me and Catalina.

Just thought this was neat. It's what I stare at every morning. Heh. Canon Rebel XT.

This picture actually looks so much like me when I was little AND for some reason the camera freaked out and took it in this color. I didn't change any settings but I did move the camera away from my little model before it completely took the picture. Heh. The color reminds me of ‘The Wonder Years’, if anyone remembers that show. I LOVED it! Canon Rebel XT

Canon Rebel XT

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Heather 9 years, 7 months ago

3 is adorable!

9 years, 7 months ago Edited