Day 26

by Daphnie Lowery January. 26, 2010 323 views

Work today…well, until 2pm.
Came back from lunch to sit down at my desk.
Boss calls me into his office.
I think nothing of it.
He says, “I don't have good news.”
I say, “oh, are you firing me? Ha.”
He says, “Heh, Nope. More like laying you off.”
Oh…ok. :'(
H “SAYS” he did everything he could to save me until the new company took over but ‘Suddath’ was doing payroll cuts and my position is no longer needed. I don't understand why they kept my temp that took over for me during maternity leave and got rid of me. She's only been there 8 months and the other office lady and her do NOT get along. She also gets paid a LOT more than I do. F!
Oh and on top of all that, my BOSS told another employee about my termination BEFORE he told me!!! I'm pretty sure that's illegal or something. I'm speaking with a lawyer tomorrow,…along with doing unemployment.

My little dollar tree grow aquarium. :) Canon Rebel XT

4 hours after water was added to the tank. They are starting to get a little fat. These pictures were taken at work before I got fired. Canon Rebel XT

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