An abandoned dock site and the Ancestral Temple of Leng's family

by Shengli Chen June. 26, 2006 1056 views

Here was discovered in the summer of 2006.Few people knew this.
Walked along the road from the south gate of Guangxi Normal Univerity,you can find the site in brushwood.There's a small village nearby,some trenches and artificial channels built to transport water,or as for irrigation, drainage.There're two stone lion statues placed on each side of the stairway. I guessed there used to be a pond or a river in front of the stairway,here used to be a dock or a small reservoir for irrigation.
Lengjiacun Village lies in the east to the dock site,about 600 meters far.The Ancestral Temple located at the entrance of the village.In a state of disuse and inactivity.No one was allowed to enter.A copper lock hung on the door.I looked though a crack on the door,the courtyard's full of weeds,the main hall looked dull.

The front of the site. It almost submerged in ruins

A stone lion statue.A stone monument placed at the foot of it.Inscriptions on the monument were hardly seen.

Characters carved on the steps.

Old camphor trees by the sides of the road to Lengjiacun Village.

This camphor tree is almost 260 years old.

A side view of Ancestral Temple of Leng's family.

The front of Ancestral Temple of Leng's family.

Patterns of deer and flowers decorated on the stone threshold.

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