A start of my journey

by Shengli Chen June. 28, 2006 1784 views

This was my first time I been to Sanjiang.I remembered I hesitated before I started to go,but finally I went there.I saw the most beautiful scenery in the world.Yes,Sanjiang is the most beautiful,most wonderful place I've nerver been before.
I took a bus early in the morning,arrived in the noon,I only stayed one night in Sanjiang,I only took ten pictures there,but that's enough.This was my first impression of Sanjiang.
I scanned these pictures afterwads,but the scanner was not good enough,the colors of pictures appeared not good as original pictures.

On the way to Sanjiang.About 9:15 in the morning.The driver told us get off and have a rest.The bus started from the bus station at 7:10,because of the rough road,we'll arrive Sanjiang at about 1:00 in noon.

At the top of hills.The road to Sanjiang built according to the situations of hills.The wind blew though trees and grasses,full of green.

Sanjiang Drum Tower.The first place I visited after arriving.

The Drum Tower and Xun River.

Chengyang Bridge. I hurried to Chengyang Village after visiting the Drum Tower,I couldn't believe what I saw when at first.She's so beautiful…..I couldn't find a better word to describe how wonderful she was.

A sign for the bridge.

I went to Sanjiang with her.Wherever I go,I always take her with me.

Bridge of Dong people

Ma'an Drum Tower in Ma'an Village.This was the last film I took in Sanjiang.

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K C Ng 13 years, 4 months ago

Lovely Chinese special building @ 桂林

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